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MEAL PREP ideas from a Single Raw Food Hub Produce Box!

Updated: Apr 13

It's so exciting to receive our weekly Single Raw Food Hub Produce Boxes, but do you ever feel a little overwhelmed when you pop everything in the fridge and wonder how you are going to use all of the gorgeous organic goodness through the week? We do too!

So here is the Meal Prep line-up at our house this week, with the fruit and veggies turned into easy, delicious meals that need just a few hours to organise and some quick prep for fresh dinners and lunchboxes.

We'll pair each dish with a serve of protein such as meat, chicken, fish, tinned salmon, lentils, chickpeas, tofu, tempeh, cheese, or nuts & seeds. If we aren't eating potato or sweet potato, we'll add sourdough bread or cooked grain.

Next week, your meals could look something like this!

CAULIFLOWER FRIED RICE with spring onion, garlic, green beans, chilli, broccoli and eggs. We chop everything finely, either with a knife or in the food processor, saute in ghee or coconut oil, then crack a few Yamstick Organic eggs in along with the soy sauce to season, then top with lime and peanuts or #treenutfree sunflower seeds. It's great the next day too.

MEXICAN topped baked potatoes, with corn, fresh tomato salsa, baked banana pepper and coconut sour cream. Having extra baked potatoes in the fridge make a Mexican dish like this so easy to prepare. Have fun with the toppings such as cheese, sour cream, avocado and chilli sauce, and if you are #vegan, there are amazing options such as coconut sour cream, coconut yoghurt and non-dairy cheeses.

DIPS are easy to prepare and amazing to have on hand through the week to add flavour to every dish, just pop cooked and cooled veggies into the food processor along with something to add creaminess such as chickpeas, yoghurt, oils, nuts or nut butter, and seasonings such as citrus, spices, herbs, salt and pepper. This week we're loving avocado and lime, sweet potato and macadamia, beetroot hummus with yoghurt plus onion caramelised in ghee with cumin and coriander.

TRAY BAKES are such a favourite at our house and a weekly Meal Prep staple. We simply pop all the delicious vegetables and extra fruit on a tray with a drizzle of olive oil and bake in a 180C oven until cooked and golden. We'll chop everything according to their cooking time, so potatoes will be a little smaller and apples a little larger for example. They are perfect to add to salads, nourish bowls, dips and soups through the week.

NOURISH BOWLS are so popular at the moment and we know why, they are delicious and such a simple way to get variety and balance into our meals! We'll start with a base of potato, sweet potato or grain, add veggies, protein, dip or sauce and something for crunch such as nuts and seeds. Whether in a bowl for lunch or in a lunchbox with some tinned protein for a delicious meal on the go there are endless variations. This week we had beetroot dip, roasted veggies, almonds, grapes and olive oil dressing with orange juice.

PUMPKIN SOUP is perfect for this Autumn weather and boosting the immune system. We start with with onions, garlic, tumeric, ginger and yellow carrot sauted in a pan, then add roasted pumpkin, broth, and coconut milk to warm through before blending smooth. Seasoned with salt and pepper and finished with a swirl of coconut cream and sourdough croutons, it's a perfect warming bowl for dinner or saved for lunch in a thermos.

SHEPARD'S PIE is another warming favourite, made with onion, carrot, garlic and lentil or mince bolognaise with creamy mashed potato, butter and sourdough breadcrumbs on top. We'll post the full recipe soon but using your family's secret bolognaise recipe will work a treat!

PICKLED BEETROOT is a great condiment and salad addition through the week, and saves our hands from being dyed pink every lunchtime. We simply wash, peel and chop the beetroot and top with apple cider vinegar in an air tight container or glass jar. The gorgeously pink vinegar is beautiful for creating salad dressings as you go.

FROZEN BANANAS are always in the freezer for easy morning smoothies, and we love to save the slightly over ripe, speckled banana for emergencies, like after dinner banana cake.

SWEET POTATO BROWNIES are a great treat to have in the fridge through the week and are dense and satisfying with with eggs (chia or flaxseeds for a vegan alternative), honey or maple syrup, oats and organic chocolate, either chopped as in the picture or melted through.

We absolutely love seeing your recipes and meal prep ideas through the week, photos, videos, unboxings and seeing what your family loves most too! Post them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SynchronicityFarm. And if you are thinking about signing up for a Subscription Organic Produce Box, find out more at www.rawfoodhub.com.

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