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STORAGE TIPS to make the most of your Raw Food Hub Produce Box!

We're passionate about minimising food waste, especially right now where food feels extra precious, but when your Raw Food Hub Produce Box arrives, bursting with organic goodness, we know it can feel like a lot of fruit and veggies! So here are some simple pre-prep and storage tips to help you use every delicious bite.

First thing first, cleaning out the fridge

A near empty fridge is the perfect place to start. The day before delivery is a great chance to give it a quick clean and sort, ready to be filled. It's getting prepped to prep! We give the shelves and veggie drawer a wipe down with diluted vinegar and water, a squeeze of lemon, or a natural cleaning spray, and make sure all of our meal prep containers are ready to go.

Unboxing your Produce Box

It really feels like Christmas every week when our box arrives, unboxing all of the fruit and veggies to see what's inside. We'd love to see photos and videos of your unboxing on Facebook!

We like to set aside time to wash, dry and store everything to make the week flow smoothly:

  • Start by separating out the delicate SALAD items and pop in the crisper. If you have a salad spinner or some clean tea towels, you can wash in cool water and dry thoroughly. Keeping them in a sealed container with a dry paper towel in the base will keep them fresh for over a week.

  • Place HERBS in a jar of water on a shelf or in the door of the fridge and change the water every day or so.

  • Wash FRUIT in a large bowl of water then dry on a clean tea towel and keep in an easy to reach bowl in the fridge or counter for simple snacks.

  • If BANANAS are ripe, we'll peel and freeze a few ready for easy smoothie mornings.

  • Place sturdy items such as POTATOES, SWEET POTATOES and ONIONS in a basket in a cool, dark, dry cupboard.

  • Store other VEGETABLES in the vegetable drawer of the fridge. We love to chop a few things like carrots, celery sticks and capsicum for snacking over the next few days with hummus or in #rawfoodhubsalads.

  • We love to slice BEETROOT and store in a container with apple cider vinegar, so we only get pink hands once a week.

  • Store EGGS in the fridge in their carton, in the middle shelf as they love to be stored at a consistent temperature.

  • Slice fresh BREAD and place half in the freezer in sets of two or four, ready for toasting.

Prepping our Meal Prep

A strategy we often use is to portion out the box into Meal Prep ideas as we wash it, so they go into the fridge in Meal Ready containers. It's a great way to skip over thinking about what to cook, just going with your first thought and what sounds good! For example, the ideas for this week are:

  • A big Salad Bowl with Salad Leaves, Carrots, Orange, Red Onion, Tomato and Cucumber. We make a few salads while we're in the kitchen for the next few days.

  • Mexican Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Avocado and Lime.

  • Pumpkin and Yellow Carrot Soup with Onion, Tumeric, Garlic and Ginger.

  • Curried Chickpeas with Pumpkin, Apple, Onion, Tumeric, Garlic and Ginger.

  • Omelette with roasted Tomato, Onion and Zucchini (shown in the fridge).

So this is how we unbox, wash and store our Raw Food Hub Produce Box ready for a week of delicious, easy meals! It feels so good to open the fridge as see salads ready to grab, fruit ready to snack on, meals ready to meal prep or cook fresh for dinner, and a freezer with smoothie ready fruit and bread. How do you fill and organise your fridge?

We absolutely love seeing your recipes and meal prep ideas through the week on Facebook, photos, videos, unboxings and seeing what your family loves most too. And if you are thinking about signing up for a Subscription Organic Produce Box, find out more at www.rawfoodhub.com.

Hi I'm Izennah, a Graphic Designer, Health and Nutrition Coach. Lifelong allergies and endometriosis lit my passion for Allergy Living and Simply Natural Food, Home and Products. If you are a small business, I'd absolutely love to work with you to create Social Media content, Photography and Design. See my work at izennah.com, email me at izennahhogan@gmail.com or join me on Facebook and Instagram.

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